Michaela Tork - michaela@michaelatork.com

Preserve and share your life history and family heritage.

I offer to help you explore and share the richness of your life experience with others. I guide you by asking insightful questions pertaining to your background and by providing you with techniques for priming your memory so you can get emotionally in touch with your past. No experience is necessary, just a willingness to open yourself to the process of remembering. You will have my expert guidance in the course of examining your life:

  • where you were born and your cultural & historical background,
  • your childhood and experience of growing up,
  • your youth and first love
  • reflecting on pivotal life turning points,
  • your aspirations and goals,
  • your struggles and achievements,
  • recalling your relationships with your loved ones and
  • those significant figures who shaped and influenced your life.

Engaging in such a project gives you an opportunity to reminisce, record and preserve your cherished memories. Most importantly you will have a chance to pass on your legacy and to develop a sense of mutual sharing of your heritage with your family and descendents. Creating a personal history is a voyage of self-discovery — a way to reflect and make sense of how you lived your life while building connections accross generations.

My training as a licensed psychotherapist (MFC #46882) provides me with the skill to listen attentively and empathically while creating a safe space where you feel at ease to look inward and to revive long forgotten memories, anecdotes, adventures, and family events.

As a skilled videomaker & web designer versed in various digital technologies I lend you my creative assistance and expertise to express your unique story and personality. Together we explore ideas of how to express your life history in different media:

  • written narratives, memoirs, journals, letters, poetry
  • drawing & art making,
  • scrap books,
  • memorabilia,
  • family photos,
  • photo-collages,
  • narrated slide shows,
  • audio recordings,
  • video interviews,
  • vintage home movies.

I will weave the various components you contribute into a DVD or personal website.


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